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I was introduced to Dan Rockwell a few months ago, and I find that I really enjoy his opinions on leadership. Highly recommend following him on Twitter.

Most of his posts, I’ll retweet, but this particular one really resonated with me – 7 Ways to Stop Being So Hardheaded.

The reason it stuck with me is because Dan walks the fine line between when it’s helpful to be hardheaded, i.e. not compromising core values, ignoring critics that don’t have skin in the game, facing challenges aggressively, and making sure to stay true to mission, and when it can be detrimental, e.g. when it’s ego that’s driving the stubbornness.

I love his suggestions of making adaptation part of the organization culture and always testing and learning. It’s a homage to the Lean (Build -> Measure -> Learn) or Deming Cycle (Plan -> Do -> Act -> Check) and paying attention when to stop.

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