More than efficiency?

A few weeks ago, I had drinks with friends at The Betty, here in Chicago. It’s a cool place with a laid back vibe and a great cocktail list. There was something on the menu that I hadn’t seen in any other bar – a make your own Gin and Tonic.

I asked the bartender what it was because a Gin and Tonic is a pretty easy drink to make (the name is the instructions), so why would people want to make their own (besides those that would like to control the strength of the drink).

She then described the setup to me, and it was fun and elaborate. There was a presentation of the ingredients on this pretty silver platter (the gin, the tonic, the bitters and lime). She gave me some instructions of about how much of each to put into the glass, and then like a chemist, I made my drink.

Below is a picture of the platter of ingredients:

Photo Feb 20, 6 35 37 PM.jpg

So what’s my point?

This was not the most efficient way to get a Gin and Tonic, but it was fun, experimental and created a lasting memory.

Every day, I’m always looking for ways to do things better, faster, cheaper. This experience made me realize that sometimes there is enjoyment in taking the longer route, and even though the product (a Gin and Tonic) was the same, the experience was such a pleasure and a happy memory.



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