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Chicago Agile Open Space Meetup – 2/9/16

Last Tuesday, I went to the Chicago Agile Open Space Meetup, and it was one of the best Meetups I’ve attended.

The topic of the Meetup was “Lightning Talks: ‘What to Start doing, What to Stop doing,” and I was a little curious about the format given that it was going to be lots of adhoc conversations and have an improve flair to it. Also, the organizer, Bill Allen, reached out to me a few days prior to ask if I would be one of the planned speakers. With one of my goals for 2016 being to get out and share more information, I agreed to speak.

My topic was on my Zero Inbox Trick (see earlier blog post), and that went fine, some questions from the audience and appreciated that people told me they wanted to give the trick a shot.

But, the power of the meeting was as the momentum built, we went from the more “staged” talks to a very open conversation where it felt more like a round-table than a presentation. People were asking questions, sharing their stories and lessons, and the feeling of a collaborative, supportive group was so present. I felt a deep appreciation to have the opportunity to get to know the folks that attend the Meetup, and it was also nice to see familiar faces from other Meetups or Agile Day Chicago.

Conversations in the Meetup included anything from agile metrics, organizational structures, recruiting, culture, coaching to day-to-day management and development.

If you’re looking to join a group of seasoned agile practitioners that are always looking to learn and meet in a supportive, collaborative environment, definitely check out this Meetup. Thank you Bill for such a great time!


Image courtesy of CAOS Meetup

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