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Agile2017 Recap – In Summary

Wow, what a week. It was an incredible week in Orlando at Agile2017. I love this conference because it’s the perfect mix of 1) Tactical Advice and Tips 2) Professional and Personal Development and 3) Hanging out with thought leaders and catching up.

I stretched myself this conference by giving a Lightning Talk at the Women in Agile Workshop on Sunday and then giving a Lightning Talk during the 10:45am session on Thursday. I was pleased that my points and thoughts resonated with so many folks (women and men).

The daily posts covered the sessions that I attended, and below are some of the details of the surrounding activities, events and other aspects of Agile2017. Being the introvert that I am, I didn’t attend many of the evening events; needed to rest and recharge after so much learning!

All the daily session recap posts can be found here, and the overall summary of the fifteen sessions I attended can be found here.

Photo Aug 12, 6 09 53 PM.jpg


Hotel – Rosen Shingle Creek

Photo Aug 06, 7 41 55 AM.jpg
Photo was taken from a run on the Nature Path behind the hotel.


Photo Aug 05, 6 10 23 PM.jpg

I liked staying at the same hotel as the Agile2017 conference. Most events were at the hotel, and it provided ample space and a variety of restaurants and bars. There was also a nice spa, nature trail, golf and one of the best hotel staff teams I’ve ever encountered. Everyone was so nice!

Agile Lounge

In the Agile Lounge, there were really nice pop-ups with the various initiatives of the Agile Alliance. Below is the one for the Women in Agile Initiatives.

Photo Aug 07, 12 07 53 PM.jpg

It was a great place to hang out with charger stations, start conversations with others starters, Agile Therapy and just relax. You could also participate in the Business Agility Lab where you could share your story with Agile for the Agile Narrative Project.

Photo Aug 08, 1 45 42 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 08, 1 45 48 PM.jpg


I liked the layout of the Bookstore better than last year because it was easier to browse the books.

Photo Aug 08, 1 45 02 PM.jpg

Open Jam and Other Communal Meeting Place

At any point during the day, there were people around the benches, signs, projector, etc in this open space. It was a great place to catch-up, meet people and have impromptu discussions about whatever was on a group’s mind.

Photo Aug 08, 1 47 45 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 08, 1 46 30 PM.jpg


Photo Aug 08, 1 46 43 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 08, 1 47 10 PM.jpg

Vendor Area

Photo Aug 08, 1 43 17 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 08, 1 43 34 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 08, 1 43 36 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 08, 1 43 38 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 09, 4 26 27 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 09, 4 27 49 PM.jpg

Miscellaneous Photos

Photo Aug 07, 12 10 22 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 05, 6 14 35 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 05, 7 44 57 PM.jpg

I loved my time at Agile2017, and as we close another year on this wonderful conference, my heart is warmed by the deeper connections that I made, the learnings I brought home to share and excitement for Agile2018 in San Diego!

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