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PMI PMO Symposium 2019 – Day 4

So, I have a conundrum! The first session I went to today was my own, so not sure how to blog about it. The slides can be found here. So much appreciation for those who joined and the great questions and dialog that we had, thank you!

After the session, we all regrouped for the final general session, where we were treated with a very, very special performance. The Music Paradigm brought in an orchestra that had not played together before that day, and the creator/conductor Roger Nierenberg demonstrated how various types of effective and ineffective leadership styles can impact the orchestra’s performance. It was interesting to hear the musicians’ perspectives on what it was like to have him conduct with a more “micro-manager” approach or a more “command and control” approach – that there wasn’t room for creativity.

It was amazing to be able to sit with the orchestra and hear the music from within the group. Also, loved how leadership learnings were weaved throughout. Unfortunately, there were no photos or videos allowed (completely understand). Thank you PMI for an awesome way to close out the final day!

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