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Agile2017 Recap – Day 3

Today, I had a un-conference experience, which was different and exciting. It just goes to show you the variety that’s offered at Agile2017 and why I love this conference.

I wasn’t able to participate in the morning sessions because I had a few work meetings that I needed to attend, and that’s okay.

After lunch out by the pool (again, it’s nice to be outside, even in 90+ degree weather), I headed to my first session, the Audacious Salon on Imposter Syndrome (Part 1). Candidly, I only planned to stay for the first part because there are so many options and competing sessions. Well, five minutes in, and I realized, yeah, this is how I’m spending my afternoon, and I’m coming back for Part 2. Thanks Billie!

Three hours later, after several exercises that got us in touch with our Imposter Syndrome tendencies and strategies for dealing with it, I walked out refreshed, empowered and out of my own head.

What did we do for three hours? Well, what happens in the Imposter Syndrome Island Refugee Camp, stays there. If I tried to describe the motions and activities we went through, I would not do them justice.

My major takeaway was that I’m not the only one that feels this way, I’m not alone, and if this size of a group (we were turning people away) are willing to admit to their Imposter Syndrome tendencies, how many people out there that feel this way are there?

I cannot wait to bring this workshop to Chicago! Billie, count me in to help you facilitate.

Below are some of the photos of reactions from the group on the data that was gathered (I’d post the photos of the data, but taken out of context, it won’t make sense).

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.56.44 PM.png

During the break, I got to meet the amazing Diane Zajac, who is one of the Conference Chairs this year.

Photo Aug 08, 3 30 02 PM.jpg

Then it was time for Agile Tonight with Paul Hammond, which was a cute take on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Loved the “thank you cards.”

Photo Aug 08, 5 54 56 PM.jpg

He had the following guests:

They all gave a really good perspective on the state of agile and their thoughts on the future. I appreciated Dominica’s thoughts on how DevOps has evolved over the years to bring the IT Ops to the Development space and become part of the value chain. That she also brought of the shift from Projects to Products was also refreshing.

Henrick’s perspective was on how the Executive team can get “out of the ecosystem that they’ve created,” where they’re going from meeting to meeting every day and get to know the team more, and what the team needs. He spoke about the importance of mindset and language, and the balance of fun and profitability. Also, to push management down the organization and focus on leadership, and stresses the agile mindset across the full organization, and not just Technology/R&D.

Melinda brought another perspective with a “therapy” angle. She stressed that “human beings are wired for consistency, not change, and my favorite, “Darwin must be right because the alternative is death.” Also, the importance of an open mind to help us move into an emerging future and being more inclusively collaborative.

This post is a great example of the power of this conference – it’s not just “sit in a room and listen to lectures.” The diversity allows you to explore your personal tendencies and also hear from leaders in the field about the future state of various industries and functions.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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