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Agile2017 Recap – Day 0 – Travel Day

Decided to fly down to Orlando on Saturday so that I would be well-rested and not rushed for the Women in Agile Workshop on Sunday. I was giving a Lightning Talk, so I appreciated the peace of mind of being at the hotel vs. stressing over any flight delays the morning of.

Left Midway around 1 pm on Southwest; arrived in Orlando to torrential downpours, but fortunately, there were any delays to my flight.

Photo Aug 05, 1 10 44 PM.jpg

Check in at the hotel, Rosen Shingle Creek, was easy enough, and after unpacking, I started to wander around the hotel (indoors, it was still pouring) to familiarize myself with the layout. The place is huge!! Great job to the Agile Alliance for choosing a beautiful spot.

Photo Aug 05, 6 10 23 PM.jpg

Photo Aug 05, 6 14 35 PM.jpg

Grabbed some dinner, and then headed back to the room to practice my Lightning Talk. As I looked out the window, I saw a beautiful rainbow – good omen for Agile2017???

Photo Aug 05, 7 44 57 PM.jpg

Then it was time to turn in for a good night’s sleep. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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